Historians Push Back: Countering Putin's Distortion and Manipulation of the Past

University of Wisconsin Historian Francine Hirsch

Monday, November 7, 2022 3:00 PM to 4:15 PM EST
Zoom Webinar

Historians Push Back: Countering Putin's Distortion and Manipulation of the Past
Francine Hirsch, Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison

What role should a historian play, especially when political figures misuse history to justify criminal acts like Russia's genocidal war on Ukraine? Vladimir Putin and a wide array of political and cultural figures in Russia have intentionally distorted the past through a false erasure of Ukraine's historical existence and manipulative misuse of analogies to World War II. Francine Hirsch will explore why it is critical for historians to push back against Putinist disinformation, not least in the manipulation and distortion of the past. 

Francine Hirsch is the Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A historian of Modern Europe with a specialization in Russia and the Soviet Union, Hirsch recently published Soviet Judgment at Nuremberg: A New History of the International Military Tribunal After World War II, revealing the unexpected contribution of Stalin's Soviet Union to the International Military Tribunal and to the postwar development of international law. Her first book was Empire of Nations: Ethnographic Knowledge and the Making of the Soviet Union. She is current writing about the history of Russian-American entanglement.


This lecture is part of George Mason University's Fall 2022 Lecture Series, "Russia's War on Ukraine in Historical Perspective." For other events and information on the series, visit the main series page.

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