Get Involved!

Students in the Russian and Eurasian Studies (REST) program have plenty of opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities at Mason or in the surrounding community, as well as on study abroad programs in Russia or Eurasia. Students can participate in Russian Club, which organizes a range of activities, including Russian potluck parties, bake sales, and Russian film nights. Students also take part in the our annual Polyglot Performances, an evening of artistic performances presented by Mason students in the languages that they are learning, In addition, students play an integral part in the Virginia State Olympiad of Spoken Russian, serving as judges in oral Russian competitions for Virginia high school students. Mason students of Russian also regularly participate in fieldtrips to Russian restaurants, Russia-focused events, and museum exhibits and collections of Russian art, in the greater Washington, D.C. area. Finally, students in the REST program have the opportunity to study abroad, and many have chosen to spend a summer, semester, or academic year studying Russian language, culture, literature, media, and politics at a university in Russia or Eurasia.