Julie A Christensen

Julie A Christensen

Julie A Christensen

Emeritus Faculty

Russian language, literature and film; Soviet and post-Soviet film including the Caucasus, Central Asia, Mongolia, and Eastern Europe

Before coming to George Mason, Dr. Christensen directed a number of research grants and study abroad programs and taught at Tulane University, Berkeley, and Cornell College.  She has published on Georgian film in Nimrod, Wide Angle, Slavic Review, Kartuli filmi, The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review, and Closely Watched Frames.  She is the founding president of Phi Beta Delta, the international honor society at GMU. 

Current Research

The life and works of Vassily Aksyonov.

Selected Publications

"Russian Women Writers" in Resnick, Margery and de Cortivron, Isabelle, Women Writers in Translation: An Annotated Bibliography, 1945-1980.  Garland Press, 1981.

"Georgian Cinema: A Subtle Voice of Nationalism," Nimrod, 28, 2 (spring-summer 1985), pp. 24-39.

"Fathers and Sons at the Georgian Film Studio," Wide Angle 12, 4 (October 1990), pp. 48-60.

"Tengiz Abuladze's Repentance and the Georgian National Cause," Slavic Review 50, 1 (1991), pp. 163-175.

"The Films of Eldar Shengelaya: From Subtle Humor to Biting Satire," The Spirit of Soviet Film Satire, ed. Andrew Horton (Cambridge University Press, 1992), pp. 105-113 and filmography, pp. 158-164, passim.

"Mamebi da shvilebi kartul kinoshi ("Fathers and Sons in Georgian Cinema [sic]," translated into Georgian by Manana Sharabidze),"  Kartuli filmi [weekly published by the Georgian Film Studio, Tbilisi], 11 February, 1993.

"Otar Ioseliani " in Modern Encyclopedia of East Slavic, Baltic and Central Asian Literatures, V. 10, ed. Peter Rollberg.

Ashik Kerib (video review) in The Soviet and Post-Soviet Review, pp. 105-108.

Iavnana (film review) in Closely Watched Frames, Volume VII, no. 2, November, 1995.

"Introduction" to Irakly Kakabadze & Daniel McFarland,  Peace of Soul (Fairfax, VA, 1996).

Ya Kuba; Soy Cuba, International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers, St. James Press, 2000.

Review of Khadak, http://www.kinokultura.com/2007/16r-khadak.shtml

Review of Russian Triangle, http://www.kinokultura.com/2008/20r-russtriangle.shtml

Review of Kavkaz, http://www.kinokultura.com/2009/23r-kavkaz.shtml

Review of Other Bank,  http://www.kinokultura.com/2009/26r-drugoibereg.shtml

Review of Composing for the Screen in Germany and the USSR: Cultural Politics and Propaganda, forthcoming in Slavic and East European Journal

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