BA in Russian and Eurasian Studies

Preston Haas

Preston Haas

2020 Dean's Challenge Award Recipient

I began Mason with a vague understanding of my skills and interests that boiled down to a knowledge of Russian, a capacity for analytical thinking, and a desire to learn as much as I can. Through the opportunities afforded me, I have found a passion for linguistics, for the study of indigenous languages, for understanding the capacities of human cognition, and for recording and reviving what so many think to be lost.

I am proud to report that during my time at George Mason, I have been a member of research groups looking to understand, document, and revitalize understudied languages. I have, through translating previous works into English, furthered my field of study and created resources for continuing research on Central Siberian Yupik and other lesser known languages. Going forward, I will always be proud of Mason, of the work I have been able to do, and of the people who have challenged me to grow.

The next stages of my education will be made possible only because Mason and the people therein believed in me. I long for the next journey on which I will embark, to further my linguistic education in graduate school, and to then give back what has so graciously been bestowed on me. I will always be an ambassador for George Mason University, and it is with great honor that I attach that name to my work on indigenous languages, syntax, translations, and Russian.